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How To Order

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Getting your desired custom design is way too easy and trust us, you’re just few steps away from it. All you have to do, is follow the steps specified on this page and leave the rest on us. We know you can’t wait. So, let’s get started!

Choose Your Design

You can either choose a design from our directory or choose to create your own in the application form by providing us all the little details of your desired design with accuracy and clarity for the achievement of the required artwork. You can also attach photos, drafts and any images that can illustrate your ideas, desires and needs; any suggestion and additional indication will be useful in order to offer a detailed quotation and provide an artwork at the best of your expectations.


Now that you’ve chosen your desired artwork, please fill out the application form given below so that we can have all the info we require to proceed further.

Coffee Meeting

Once we’ve received all the information from you, our executive will contact you and fix a coffee meeting with you as per the mutual convenience. It is just a formal meeting where in we can meet you and discuss all the important aspects of your artwork like the techniques, costs, realizations, delivery, agreement formalization clauses, etc.

Design Approval

In this part, we discuss every little element of your desired artwork such as the color, shades or extra elements like quotes, names, lettering, numbers, etc. and finalize your artwork with mutual discussion & agreement.

Mock up and Costing

Next step in the customization ladder is the discussion of costing. We do have a standard cost for all our artworks but it may vary depending on the design, color & techniques used. The artwork to be done is first assessed in terms of its size & design after which the cost is calculated. Prior to the beginning of the process, 50% of the cost has to be paid in advance.

Timeline and Information

You’ll be given a certain timeline & information about all the stages of your customization and notified at every interval. You can choose to extend or shorten it accordingly.

Completion & Delivery

Upon the completion of your customized artwork, it will be delivered carefully to the delivery address that you’ve shared with us. You can also choose to pick it up yourself.

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