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Why settle for monotony when you can make everything special. Do it with Royal Enfield Special Removable Tanks and show everyone who’s the king of roads.


What is a Royal Enfield Skin exactly?

Royal Enfield Skin is a premium and high-quality tank cover that can be placed on the tank of your Royal Enfield to change its look and also to protect its original tank.

Can it be placed on all Royal Enfield models?

Our Royal Enfield Skin is compatible with classic 350/500 and standard 350/500 models.

In how many colours is it available?

Royal Enfield Skin is available in 7 attractive and unique colours.

Does it protects the original tank of my ride?

Yes, our Royal Enfield Skin protects the original tank of your ride properly and effectively.

Is it hard to fix?

No, Royal Enfield Skin is extremely easy and convenient to fix.

Can it be removed easily?

Yes, our Royal Enfield Skin can be removed easily without any hassle.

What is the warranty of a Royal Enfield skin?

The warranty of a Royal Enfield Skin’s paint is 3 months.

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Please note that we will be providing return/refund only in the case the product gets damaged during shipping.

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